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Let That Stand There - Rebecca Hill with Charlie Stewart


set of two Trad tunes, Loch Mullardoch and Let That Stand There.

Fiddle - Charlie Stewart

Tenor Guitar - Graham Rorie

Engineering - Graham Rorie

Mastering - Chris Waite

Videographer -  Sandy Butler

Rebecca Hill: Dalrannoch


Available from


Dalrannoch was the house my Gran and Great Grandparents grew up in. Around 50 years ago, they bought a cine camera and began to capture stunning footage of their busy lives. They have been so kind to let me share some of those moments with you all! My new single 'Dalrannoch' is now available for streaming on all the usual platforms and to purchase on Bandcamp, along with the release of my new video!


Lever Harp & Keys - Rebecca Hill

Fiddle - Charlie Stewart

Engineering - Graham Rorie @ Rumley Sounds

Mastering - Chris Waite

Cover Artwork - Orla Stevens

Comp. Rebecca Hill

Sleep Quietly - Rebecca Hill with Charlie Stewart


LIVE PERFORMANCE at Showcase Scotland event

Full set here

Sleep Quietly - Trad.

Running the Cross - Duncan Chisolm

The 'Harp and...' series is my new project funded by Tasgadh - Small Grants for Traditional Artists where I created videos showcasing ancient Gaelic melodies intertwining with other traditional artists and instrumentalists from different musical genres and cultures.


Here, the incredible Petrus Dillner joined me for a set. You can check out his bands Trio Törn and Northern Resonance. Eilean Aigas (The Isle of Aigas) is a beautiful Gaelic air I've loved for a long time. I first came across it on the Fiddler's Bid album, Hamnataing. The second melody is a tremendous waltz I learnt from Petrus, Vals efter Jan-Olof Olsson (waltz after Jan-Olof Olsson). A very fun tune to play!


Comp. Trad

Arr. Petrus Dillner & Rebecca Hill

Engineered by Graham Rorie at Rumley Studios

LIVE PERFORMANCE at Armadale Castle Gardens, Isle of Skye


Dàn a Dheirg Dargo, a Scottish Gaelic traditional air arranged by Rebecca

Track 3 from Ohio Harpist, Rachel Clemente's, new EP, A Quiet Uniqueness. 


Unknown Air - Traditional Scottish Air

Morna - Brian Finnegan


Filmed and recorded by Gus Stirrat at Solas Sound, Glasgow. 

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